Penny Dreadful # 66

Real Name: Tonya
Favorite Drill:
Fun Fact About Me:
Why did I join derby:

AJent Mayhem # 78
2016 Season Captain 

Real name: Jen "AJ"
Occupation: Metallurgical Engineer
Favorite Drill: Rubik's cube
Fun Fact: I knit when I'm not knocking people down - favorite project is Jayne's hat from Firefly.
Why I joined derby: it looked like fun and a place to break out of the "engineer/mom" box

Hello Hitty # '49
Real Name: Candace

Occupation: Credentialing Specialist

Favorite Drill: Hitting and Weaving Pace Lines

Fun Fact: My number '49 is for my father in law's birth year of 1949. He was extremely excited when I joined derby and confessed to me that as a small boy his first crush was on a derby girl, The Blonde Bomber, Joanie Weston. He passed away shortly after I started and wearing the '49, I have him with me at every bout! 
Why did I join derby: After kicking cancer's ass twice, I wanted to do something that was physical, year round and I didn't have to go to a gym

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Screamstress # 77

Real Name: Vanessa

Current Occupation: 

Favorite Drill: 

Fun Fact: 

Why I joined Derby: 

Spodie Lyncher # 36

Real Name: Jodie

Current Occupation:  I am a self employed House keeper of 10 years.

Favorite Drill: Pivot turns and pace lines!


Why I joined Derby: I have been skating roller derby for 6 years. I love skating roller derby because it gives me a huge release of adrenalin with its hard hitting drills and intense workout to stay in shape to prevent injury. I also enjoy all the girls that work hard toward a single goal working as a team. 

EZ Breezy Beautiful Killagirl # 3
League Treasurer

Real Name: Bree

Current Occupation: Being awesome

Favorite Drill: Queen of the Rink

Fun Fact: I work in my Dad's auto body shop during my spare time. He owns a Classic Car business building Hot Rods in Spokane Valley

Why I joined Derby: To stay sane! I've been an athlete most of my life and Derby is a way for me to keep playing sports in my "later" years, stay healthy mentally and physically all while wearing lipstick. I can combine two of my favorite things sports and fashion! I also like to be a role model to other girls and women that you can be strong and beautiful no matter your shape or size.


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Wreck It Rae #42


Real Name: Rachel

Current Occupation: Insurance Office Porfessional at Thrivent Financial

Favorite Drill: Anything that involves hitting!

Fun Fact: I will be 40 this year! It's never too late to try new things!

Why I joined Derby: I wanted to do something for myself. Something that would help relieve stress and work with my competivie nature as well as help me get in shape.



Wreck It Rae #42
League President



Karacken Skulls #57

Real Name: Kara

Current Occupation: Cook

Favorite Drill: Jammer drills and anything involving strategy. I love challenging my mental and physical dexterity

Fun Fact: I have been to eight different countries & I am really good at dreaming!

Why I joined Derby: At first i just thought it seemed really interesting and it was something new and silly to do. With time though it became about the challenge. To go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing, and to experience that with a whole team of ladies feeling the exact same thing. In derby we become a family of women coming together through strength of knowing what we are capable of, and that feeling is extraordinary. I love my team!



Stapp Infection # 21

Real Name: Selah

Current Occupation: Starbucks Shift Supervisor 

Favorite Drill: The 'Hitty' drill

Fun Fact: Country music is my favorite thing to karokee too

Why I joined Derby: I wanted another way to work out besides running. After the first pratice I was hooked and now I hate to go a day without hitting people (while on skates of course!)


Mad-Eye Mindy # 60

Real Name: Mindy

Current Occupation:  

Favorite Drill: 

Fun Fact: 

Why I joined Derby: