Inland EmPower Derby is a non-profit roller derby league run by the members, for the members with a focus on EmPowering those committed to the sport through hard work and dedication.  Do you have the desire, the drive and the will to work towards getting the most out of roller derby?   We are here to offer you a safe, fun, professionally run and competitive league with dedicated trainers to help every member reach her/his own personal goals. Our league is deeply involved with the community and we support the Spokane area and many causes in the community through various events, activities and charitable donations.

Why Inland EmPower Derby?

FAWhat If's...

"...I can't skate."

We'll teach you!  Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the country and nobody wants to get left behind so join up and we'll get you skating with the pack in no time! 

"...I'm afraid to fall down."

No lie, you ARE GOING TO FALL DOWN A LOT.  We will teach you how to fall safely to minimize injury and maximize your enjoyment of our sport but bruises, rink rash, breaks, tears...they all happen.  The more you fall, the less you want to and the better you get at avoiding it, but you have to be willing to take that first tumble.

"I'm too fat/skinny/old/etc"

Seriously?!?  It's ROLLER DERBY, BABY!  We are all sizes, all shapes, all skill levels and all derby love here!  We will find a use for your assets and will help you learn to love your form, loving yourself starts with acceptance, and we accept anyone crazy enough to sign up for our full-contact game.

"...I just want to get fit, not hit"

Understood, some people love the derby endurance and form but not the bruises and risk of injury.  We can't guarantee you won't get popped in a drill, accidents happen, but if the coaches know you are a non-contact skater, we will find a way to keep you sweating.

"...I want to play hard, fast & brutal!"

YES!  SIGN UP!!! We are all acceptance and rainbows and unicorns but we are also skaters who love getting hit and skating fast.  Our practices are designed to challenge every skill level, even crazy skaters like you!

"...I don't have the time to make the practices."

Life happens, so do scheduling conflicts, and we do our best to accommodate our members.  Let us know your needs and we'll try to help but skating IEDerby requires commitment to training. The fastest track to injury is missing practices and we need you safe for the team's sake as well as your own.